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Granite Memorial provides above-ground entombment in individually sealed compartments in a permanent outdoor structure. The Mausoleum provides the most enduring memorial possible. The internal structures is of reinforced concrete and exterior is of the finest granite in lustrous polished and natural finishes with the entire structure being impervious to the elements and practically maintenance free.

Niches are available to accommodate the ever increasing demand for cremation. They feature the best and most affordable solutions to the need for the permanent repository for cremations. Each niche will be memorialize with its own bronze name plate.

Granite Memorial is located on North US 113 (Worcester Highway) near Bishopville, Maryland approximately 2 miles south of the Maryland-Delaware State Line.

As a "Perpetual Care" cemetery, the maintenance of he grounds of Granite Memorial is endowed for eternity.  Although responsibility  for items of person property can not be assumed, reasonable care will continue to be exercised. It is required by law, that a portion of the price of each crypt and niche is placed in a trust.  The income from which provides for future maintenance.