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Planning Now Brings Peace of Mind

Selection of a final resting place is an inevitable family duty which must one day be faced.  It is fare better to plan in advance while decisions can be made on the bases of thoughtful judgements rather than during a time of emotional stress.  It is also a matter of consideration for others to make these arrangements before-hand
What are the costs to purchase?
Crypts are $2500.00 Niches are $500.00

How are the costs compared to those of conventional ground burial?
Because their is no need to buy cemetery property, or to purchase separate vaults, the costs to provide markers, or the costs associated with opening the grave site at the time of burial, the total cost of crypts in the Mausoleum is no more than that of the average ground burial. Except for the Bronze name plaque and minimal charges associated with the actual entombment, everything is included in the initial purchase price.

How is the Mausoleum maintained?
As a "Perpetual Care" cemetery, the maintenance of the grounds of Granite Memorial is endowed for eternity. Although responsibility for items of personal property can not be assumed, reasonable care will continue to be exercised. It is required by law, that a portion of the price of each crypt and niche is placed in a trust. The income from which provides for future maintenance. Please inquire by phone, e-mail,or conventions mail should you have any questions or if you require any additional information.