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  • A casket or urn is required fro entombment in the mausoleum.  Casket/urn style or type should be chosen in consultation with your funeral director with due regard to size of the units.  Only appropriate metal caskets are permitted for entombment.
  • Because of the potential of effecting other units in the mausoleum all entombments must be embalmed by a duly licensed mortician.  Un-enbalmed entombments are strictly prohibited.
  • :Live, fresh cut flowers are permitted at anytime in an approved container.  Approved containers are memorial or mounment mounted vases.  Wreaths may be placed on the front of the crypts/niches.  The size of the flowers or wreaths can not be larger that the crypt/niche front in order to prevent covering any portion of the next unit.  Any flowers or decorations will be removed when they become obsolete.  Clean-up dates for removing all decorations will be as near as possible to the following dates:
Winter/Christmas  -  By March 1st
Spring/Easter  -  By June 1st
Summer  -  By September 1st
Fall  -  By December 1st
  • Bronze Memorials are allowed and will be properly placed in accordance with the design of he mausoleum.  All castings are done only by our staff and in accordance with our specifications.
  • Because of ruling pertaining to the health and safety of our personnel and in every effort to render the best possible care of the grounds certain items are prohibited.  These are glass, cermaic and breakable containers of any type.